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Sunny Shot Me Down

"Faces painted, souls roaring – the symphony of black/death metal unfolds before my lens. Embracing the raw emotions on stage."


Welcome to my
Metal Realm!

I am Sonja Rodríguez, a professional concert photographer with over a decade of experience, specializing in the intense landscapes of Black and Death Metal. My lens doesn't just capture the music; it dives deep into the soul of the stage, embracing the details, raw emotions, and the sheer power of a headshot frozen in time.

Join me in this visual odyssey where the pulse of Metal meets the click of my camera. Let's celebrate the beauty, brutality, and sheer magic of the Metal world together. Horns up! 🤘📷

Passion for Details 🔥

In the chaos of riffs and screams, I find beauty in the smallest details – the sweat on the guitarist's brow, the flicker of a drummer's sticks. It's the nuances that make the Metal experience unforgettable.

Emotions Unleashed 🖤

My work is a journey through the emotional tapestry of Metal. From the haunting melodies to the thunderous beats, I strive to freeze the very essence of each performance, delivering a visual symphony that resonates with the heart.

International Experience 🌍

With a portfolio spanning national and international stages, I've had the honor of capturing the raw energy of Metal across diverse landscapes. Whether in intimate venues or massive festivals, every frame tells a tale of Metal's global impact.

Collaborations 🤝

I've collaborated with iconic names in the Metal scene, including the mighty Belphegor. Working alongside these legends has not only enriched my craft but also fueled my passion for immortalizing Metal's essence.


Metal Concert Photography

Capturing the heart and soul of your concerts with precision and passion. Book now and let your music story unfold through striking photographs.



Band Shoots and Portraits

Elevate your image with personilized band shoots and musicians portraits. Let's create visuals that amplify your unique style and essence. 



Merchandise Magic Unleashed

Let me transform your products into visual masterpieces that speak volumes. Let's strengthen together your brand visually.



My portfolio

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