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5 Tips on: How to capture singers

Ancst performing at Julfest 2024, Austria

Embark on a journey through the pulsating heart of live performances as we delve into the art of capturing the charismatic figures who command the stage - the singers.

The following 5 tips are your backstage pass to mastering the craft of immortalizing the passion, emotion, and sheer vocal power that emanate from these captivating performers.

  1. Embrace Different Angles: Experiment with shooting from various angles to find the most flattering and captivating perspectives. Whether it's a low angle to emphasize dominance or an eye-level shot for connection, diverse angles add depth to your captures. Example: In the midst of Ancst's live performance, I deliberately explored different angles to encapsulate the intensity of their lead vocalist. A strategic low-angle shot underscored his dominance on stage, capturing the fervor in every growl and scream. Transitioning to an eye-level perspective later in the set facilitated a more intimate connection, allowing me to portray the emotion etched across Tom's face as he engaged with the audience. These varied angles not only brought a layered dimension to the visual narrative but also amplified the relentless energy that defines Ancst's live presence.

2. Focus on Expressive Moments: Prioritize capturing the emotional nuances of the singer's performance. Look for moments when their facial expressions, hand gestures, or body language convey the passion and intensity of their delivery.

Example: Explore Helmuth's theatrical poses during Belphegor's live sets. Frame shots when he raises his arms in ritualistic gestures or leans into the audience, creating a visual narrative of the band's dark, theatrical presence.

3. Anticipate Dynamic Movements: Singers often engage in dynamic movements on stage. Be prepared to capture those powerful gestures, leaps, or dramatic poses. Anticipate the rhythm of the performance to ensure you don't miss these impactful moments.

Example: Anticipate the explosive energy and the commanding presence of Decapitated Fronter Rafał Piotrowski. Freeze-frame those instances when Rafał engages the crowd with his commanding stage presence.

4. Interaction with the Crowd: Highlight moments of interaction between the singer and the audience. These shots capture the connection forged in the live metal experience. Look for instances of crowd engagement, from reaching out to fans to encouraging sing-alongs.

Example: Capture a frontman like Julien from the band Benighted rallying the crowd, fostering a sense of unity and shared energy.

5. Engage with Stage Lighting: Leverage the stage lighting to enhance your singer shots. Be mindful of spotlights and their direction, using them to create dramatic highlights and shadows. Adjust your camera settings to accommodate varying lighting conditions for optimal results.

Example: Isolate Obscura in the spotlight, emphasizing her captivating stares and mysterious presence. Capture the otherworldly aura as she engages in ritualistic movements, allowing the shadows to accentuate the occult essence of Asagraum's performances.

Remember to be adaptable and attuned to the singer's performance style. Each artist has a unique presence on stage, and capturing their essence involves a combination of technical skill and an understanding of their individual dynamics. The examples are inspired by the unique characteristics of each band, and applying these tips with a keen eye for their individual style will result in captivating captures of the singers in action. 🎤📸 #SingerPhotography #ConcertCaptures #MusicMoments #SunnyShotMeDown


My name is Sonja Rodríguez, a concert photographer with over a decade of experience, specializing in the intense landscapes of Black and Death Metal.

If you enjoy my content, don't forget to tip me a coffee via Paypal.Me/sunnyshotmedown

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