• Sonja Rodriguez


Taking pictures of a beautiful couple on a sunny day in the beginning of fall in Weißkirchen.

Fields and woods are my favorite outdoor locations. Luckily where I live, there are plenty of beautiful spots. For this shooting I picked a place not far from home where I use to play with my two kids and sometimes go for a walk or run. I do prefer shooting in locations I've seen at least once before the actual shooting happens so I can already gather ideas beforehand and check out the lightning so I know what I would need to bring.

There is nothing like natural light. I love playing with indirect/direct sunlight and shadows. I picked this open field with high grass and white little flowers and the woods in the back for this shooting scenery. I just let them talk, walk while clicking. Therefore, I get more organic and natural situations as I am not fond of staging pictures or "over-posing".

Camera settings for couple shooting

I used my mirrorless canon camera with the canon objective 50mm f/1.4 which I personally love for portrait pictures. I also like to bring my canon 24-70 f2.8 to zoom in and out quickly without moving around all the time. However, in this particular shooting all my shots were taken with the 50mm. Shooting with a wide aperture gives a really nice bokeh of the flowers, grass and trees in the background while letting the couple stand out.

They are going to use my pictures for their wedding invitations. Can't wait to shoot their special day next year.