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Harakiri For The Sky & more at Rockhouse Salzburg 2023

Updated: Jan 21

I spontaneously went to see HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, SCHAMMASCH and GROZA at Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria in February 2023. Luckily the amazing drummer and multi-talent Flo Musil helped me get a last minute photo pass as I really wanted to photograph the band SCHAMMASCH live for the first time and also enjoy GROZA - one of my absolute favorite bands.

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY at Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria, 2023


I don't think this German black metal band needs any further introduction. Seen them a handful of times. Always great, never disappointed. Obviously their live outfits are not top favorites to photograph but I always try to get some decent portrait shots anyways.


The Swiss Black/Death/Avantgarde band SCHAMMASCH was second in line and I absolutely loved their live performance. Watched it from the first to the last second - which is rare for me - and I could do it again soon. Obviously again not the easiest band to shoot if you're into crisp headshots as I am but I enjoyed it nontheless.


Headlining was the famous Austrian post-black metal band HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY. They got homeland advantage and I think there were really a lot of hardcore HFTS fans in the crowd. I am not a huge fan of this kind of post-black metal I have to admit but of course they put a great show on and at least this time I could get some decent portrait shots how I like them.

Unfortunately - maybe due to the short notice appearance of myself - the photo pass organization at Rockhouse was 'confusing' to put it mildly. Hope to have more luck and less troubles next time.

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