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  • Sonja Rodriguez


Austrian black metal expert Mario Glöckl (instagram: @metal_xes) and friend of mine added a new t-shirt to his merchandise line. So I took the opportunity to snap some self shots wearing it in my home studio. If you want to buy this t-shirt or are interested in other Austrian black metal items, then please contact him and support our local metal scene.

METAL XES merch shoot at my home studio with me as example model, Austria, 2023

If you are a band or event manager and are interested in working with me for doing merch or product shots for your brand, just leave me a message or reach out to me on my social media platforms (@sunnyshotmedown).

Hope you enjoy the pictures I took. Follow me on Facebook (all concert pictures) and Instagram to see more impressions. Find all links to my social media channels on the bottom of my website.

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