• Sonja Rodriguez


Trying out for the first time my new mirrorless CANON camera. I captured the beauty of the surrounding nature while achieving super sharp portrait shots.

On a warm day in fall I followed my son through the fields and woods of our hometown. There are a lot of beautiful spots in Weißkirchen to try out every aspect of my new camera equipment.

Total fall vibe

I really wanted to capture the atmosphere of summer ending, with all the colored leaves (intensified in post production) and also the composition of the picture. Like the one below, with the kid, following the elderly over the flowing stream. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and inspiration.

Getting into portrait photography

I consider myself a live concert photographer for the most. All my equipment and skills I emphasized on this particular genre. However, especially due to COVID pandemic 2020/2021 and a lot of canceled shows and festivals I still wanted to dedicate my free time to photography as it gives me motivation, relaxation and fulfillment. Therefore, I really got into portrait photography and even built a little studio at home.

Get Inspired

I hope you found something during this pandemic, too that still keeps you happy and sane. Enjoy my impressions of my little Sunday walk!