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I was honored to shoot some promotion pictures for poem book author, former musician and Austrian metal scene expert Mario Glöckl for his brand metal_xes (find him on instagram: @metal_xes). On his social media channels he supports the metal scene by posting news about Austrian bands and metal events. Moreover, he released two music samplers with songs from Austrian black/death metal bands and he recently started a radio show - so make sure you tune in every Friday 8pm on

metal_xes promotional picture

Back to the shooting: We did capture his brand hoodie and t-shirt as well as one of his books and both of his samplers. We did some quick portrait head shots as well. All against a white wall with some simple studio lights to get a clean but sharp look.

Hope you like them. As always, find some of the results below in the galleries.




CDs and book

If you want to shoot your merchandise or promotional pictures. Just let me know. I'd love to!

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