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Chilled merchandise shooting with beautiful Enikö for the Austrian black metal band DYSTHEMIA.

In my private little home studio I took some nice shots from Enikö wearing the new t-shirt design "Frühlingswind" from the Upper Austrian black metal band DYSTHEMIA.

“Raben, die einander trügen”

On the backside of the t-shirt the line "Raben, die einander trügen" (ravens deceiving one another) from their new song "Frühlingswind" (spring wind) is shown. We also displayed their album "Todgelicht" (death light) in this shooting setting to promote it together with their new merchandise drop.

Merchandise shooting basics

I arranged the studio setting with two lights from the sides with distinct intensity, one soft light upfront and one light from the corner back to give dimension to the model. Besides focusing on the merchandise items I make sure that the model appears strong but relaxed.

To get the most natural posture I always ask the person I am shooting to move around or at least do little movements with arms, shoulders, legs etc. If the persons just stands still, you get a very stiff and unnatural looking result.

I kept the background as simple as possible - in this case a blank white wall - to give it an online shop vibe while transmitting emotion only through model's gesture, posture and the perspective of the photograph.

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