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To be able to update their band members and band profile the Austrian black metal band asked me to shoot some portrait pictures with them.

In my little home studio against a black and greyish backdrop with minimalistic light setting I was going for some strong portrait pictures. In the fotograph above you can see Daniel - the front singer and guitarist of the band.

Band shooting

For me current band and member pictures are such an essential for every band - no matter how long they exist or if they are just starting out. It kind of sets the mood for the formation and their art/music. Therefore, I always make sure to listen to their music beforehand and talk about the look and feel they want to achieve. For example, there are black metal bands that want to appear with corpsepaint only or others who are going for a very minimalistic - all black outfit and calm poses - aesthetics.

Band member shoot

In portrait photography it is key to try to capture the person's personality in often just one shot. When shooting band members I always try to focus on the person in front of the camera but also to not loose the big picture how it will work with all the other integrands. Meaning that they should be posing differently while still work coherently within the band frame.

I hope you enjoy my take on this band shooting and make sure to check out the band as well!

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