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Bavarian Battle Winter 2023

Updated: Jan 21

I was invited to Bavarian Battle Winter 2023 at Lokschuppen Rosenheim, Germany and had an amazing time shooting amazing (black/death) metal bands like the well-known ASAGRAUM and NEKROVAULT as well as AD NEMORI, NIHT and FUNERAL PILE. The venue, the organization, the sound and the line-up for an entry fee of just 15 euros was simply incredible! I can't wait to be shooting at the Bavarian Battle Open Air in May - there are still some tickets left if you want to join the party!

ASAGRAUM at Bavaria Battle Winter, Lokschuppen Rosenheim, Germany, 2023


Bavarian Blackened Death/Doomer FUNERAL PILE opened the event impressively. I heard it was their very first live appearance and I have to say they did an amazing job. I really liked their music and sound and I'm sure I will be seeing them around more in future.


Next up were German/Austrian black metal front NIHT who played a solid set and had an amazing stage presence. Some of their members appeared later again with NEKROVAULT.


Then a more death metal centered band followed called AD NEMORI from Bavaria, Germany. Their atmospheric sound and performance fitted well into the evening's line up.


As a death metal freak I was really looking forward to finally see NEKROVAULT - also from Bavaria - performing live as I was already a fan of their music. I was not at all disappointed and really enjoyed their whole set. Totally recommend this band to anyone into old school death.


Headlining were the amazing black metal band ASAGRAUM from the Netherlands. I was already blown away at Kaltenbach 2022 when shooting them, so I was beyond excited shooting them again. As expected they did a fantastic live black metal ritual on stage and I even got the chance to talk to them briefly which was super cool!

I can't thank enough Marius from Iridiumstream and the whole Bavarian Battle team and crew for this great night and for inviting me to shoot at this event. I was very happy that the show was completely sold out as it deserved nothing less.

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