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Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral & more at Backstage Munich 2023

Updated: Jan 21

I couldn't help myself but go and see this amazing line-up live passing through Europe. Death Metal legends CANNIBAL CORPSE touring with the amazing DARK FUNERAL as well as INGESTED and STORMRULER is something you don't want to miss. I had a great concert night shooting though the lighting was not in favor for my style of photography that I might go see and shoot them another day again. Too bad ;)

CANNIBAL CORPSE at Backstage Munich, Germany, 2023


Melodic Black Metal band STORMRULER from the US absolutely surprised me. They did an amazing job opening this sick line-up. Too bad that it was a show on a Tuesday night and their slot was early because they would have definitely deserved a full house to play in front of! Lighting was in between low light and no light but therefore I could enjoy their show instead of being too held up with shooting. Really hope to see them again soon and get some crisp headshots, too.


Brutal Death / Deathcore band INGESTED followed up next. I was very excited to see them as I became more of a Deathcore fan too in the last years and absolutely enjoy the energy of those bands live. INGESTED did a solid set that night but maybe overdid the crowd animation part. I always love when circle pits and crowdsurfing happens because of the moment and not because people are told to but maybe that is just me. Other than that I liked it and if I hadn't had 12 kg of camera gear on me I would have definitely jumped into the mosh pit. Lighting situation was unfortunately similar to the first band and it didn't get way better after either.


I was so excited to shoot Swedish Black Metal legends DARK FUNERAL for the first time. I was once a huge fan of them and still enjoy their music a lot. They did a solid job and for a Tuesday night the concert hall was completely full which shows the huge fanbase this band has. So happy to finally been able to get some shots - though maybe not my best due to lighting and my way of shooting - but maybe next time which I hope will be soon.


I will not waste any words to introduce this band. If you don't know THE US Death Metal force CANNIBAL CORPSE you must have lived on the moon for quite some time. As a huge old school death metal fan it was so great to be able to shoot them for the first time ever. Let's say it was a wild ride. Red lights and constant head banging was challenging to shoot as expected and unfortunately we weren't able to shoot the whole first three songs through as crowd surfers fell all over us in the photo pit. But well, what should I say I didn't expect anything less.

Thank you Backstage Munich for the photo pass and your trust. Security guys at the photo pit were absolutely amazing. Saved me from getting seriously hurt by a crowdsurfer's boot against my head.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I took. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see more impressions.

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