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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

15 years anniversary and a line up from hell made me shoot once again at this incredible metal festival in a spectacular Austrian hilly scenery. Thanks to Thomas Spiwak and all of the Kaltenbach crew for all the effort and work to host incredible international and local bands and entertain a cheerful crowd for three days in a row.

BENIGHTED at Kaltenbach Open Air, Austria, 2022


First band I shot on the first day was EREBOS, an Austrian Death Metal Combo, that was very enjoyable. Take a look:


Next up were the amazing guys GROZA from Germany, who form one of my favorite Black Metal bands at the moment.


The Ukrainian band 1914 were not only on a musical but also on a political mission. Their Blackened Death and Doom metal was pretty solid.


Okay here is the thing with French Death Grinder Benighted. They were, besides Nordjevel on day 2, my absolute favorite act on this festival. Not only was their performance super energetic, the sound was just impeccable. Never heard a band on a festival play so damn clear.


Amazing show of Swedish Death/Black Metal band Diabolical. Maybe one of the most difficult acts to shoot on this festival due to heavy fog and constant backlight but as soon as I took the camera down I absolutely enjoyed their performance. Really want to see them again soon - also to do them some justice picture wise.


I'm probably not the biggest fan of Norwegian Black Metal band Taake, but I have to admit every time I see them performing live I really do like them. Especially from a photographic perspective their art on stage never disappoints.


Headlining the first day were the amazing Greek Death Metal band Septicflesh. I think I do not have to loose any words about this masterpiece of a band. I enjoy shooting them as well as listening to them equally much. Perfect band to close (for me) the first festival evening.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I took. Follow me on Facebook (all concert pictures) and Instagram to see more impressions. Find all links to my social media channels on the bottom of my website.

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