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MACKEN FEST 2022 - Stockholm

Had a little weekend trip to Stockholm and went for the first night of a festival called Macken Fest. Big thank you to Andrés from Macken Bryggeri for the fantastic organization. It was absolutely amazing, so take a hard look at my best shots there.

LIK at Macken Fest, Sweden, 2022


Swedish Death Metal band MAIM opened Macken Fest on Friday on the small stage. And what a start that was. Every band on that evening sounded so good. Could've been headliner anywhere else.


Next up were Swedish (punk) death metal band Harrowed on the big stage. Very cool show.


Swedish Thrash Metal maniacs Cardinal Maniac followed with lots of energy on the small stage.


Swedish death metal band LIK were next up on main stage. Brilliant old school sound that I finally got to hear and see live. Highly recommended to everyone into Swedish death metal.


Another great Thrash metal band from Sweden Antichrist followed up on second stage. Lightning was a bit tricky but sound was amazing.


Okay, I'm not gonna lie, they were my favorites of the night. Swedish Death/Goregrinder General Surgery killed it for me. So much good riffing and overall energy.


Black/Thrash legends Nifelheim followed on the main stage with an amazing live show which was very nice to shoot.


Got to see one of my all-time favorite death metal bands Dismember in their hometown in Sweden. How about that? Would've enjoyed it even more if I weren't that dead from traveling at this point of the night. But I am sure I am gonna see them a lots of times again anyways.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I took. Follow me on Facebook (all concert pictures) and Instagram to see more impressions. Find all links to my social media channels on the bottom of my website.

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